Sleep Masterclass

This program brings together elements of mindfulness practice with behavior strategies for sleep difficulties. It is designed to help individuals increase awareness of sleep difficulty and to develop adaptive ways of working with unwanted wakefulness at night, as well as behavioral recommendations that are designed to promote sleep regulation. Based on insomnia research.

Learning Outcomes

Improve Sleep quality and Energy levels
Reduce unwanted wakefulness at night
Develop Balance in Life, Work and Rest

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Module 1: MANAGE

Learn to manage the daily energy cycle by understanding mindfulness and how it applies to our 3P model of sleep.

Module 2: AWARE

Step out of default “auto-pilot” mode and be aware of sleepiness versus tiredness through better sleep “hygiene”.

Module 3: BALANCE

Reinforce awareness of the Stress Funnel and how it relates to various energy states.

Module 4: REGULATE

Re-commit new mindfulness habits from this program and how to recognize and cope with  insomnia.

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