Resilience Masterclass

Mindful resilience is the capacity to remain actively aware, creatively productive, constantly learning, happy and effective in life and at work, even when faced with pressure, stress and tension from both within our mind and from our external environment.

Learning Outcomes

Learn techniques to Relax and Recharge

Develop Mental Fortitude to handle pressure
Increase Positivity 
and Optimism

Happy Clients


Module 1: RELAX

An introduction to the basic mindful flow state and how you can use it to cultivate physical relaxation & sensory awareness.

Module 2: TEAM

Learn to find progressively deeper levels of freedom and release from stress and tension by using mindfulness techniques.

Module 3: LEAD

This focuses on exercises for increasing your mental positivity when facing intense pressure at work or home. 

Module 4: LIFE

Deal with difficult emotions more effectively by observing or even learning to transform them into positive ones.

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