Mindfulness Masterclass

Mindfulness is a form of personal development training that enhances physical and mental performance, focus, memory and cognition as well as reducing stress, and improving task-focus. Backed by an increasing amount of scientific evidence, mindfulness training can be tailored to deliver a variety of business aims.

Learning Outcomes

Manage Stress Effectively and avoid burnout

Increase Focus and Productivity
Improve Relationships with Work Teams

Happy Clients


Module 1: SELF

Learn practical self-care exercises that artfully balances attention deficits with personal goals in fast-paced workplaces

Module 2: TEAM

Build psychological trust for effective teams, based on Google’s research. Rebound from setbacks as a team.

Module 3: LEAD

Emotional intelligence is a key leadership skill. Learn self-compassion, emotion mapping and how to prevent burnout.

Module 4: LIFE

Digital habits & mental wellbeing go hand in hand. Optimize screen-time with useful MindFi features and micro-practices.

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