Leadership Masterclass

Leadership is about guiding people from point A to point B.  Without mindfulness, we may reach our destination at a huge cost – burning our teams and ourselves because we don’t pay attention to the signals we receive. With mindfulness, we tune in to what is happening in our mind so we can recognize and replace negative emotions with positive emotions.

Learning Outcomes

Develop Leadership starting from the Mind

Improve Relationships with Work Teams
Develop Compassion for Self and Others

Happy Clients


Module 1: STABLE

The mind of the leader must be stable. There is no leadership without discipline. Gain discipline with meditation.

Module 2: OPEN

As leaders, let’s not get hooked to our thoughts.  They are like clouds. Let’s cultivate our minds to be clear, blue skies.  

Module 3: FRIEND

As a leader, treat everyone as a friend. Labeling “friend”, “enemy”, “stranger” is not helpful. 

Module 4: LOYALTY

The more empathy we build, the less insecure we become. When we see we are all on the same boat, loyalty can grow.

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