Science-backed wellbeing
for modern professionals

In today's hectic and high-pressure working world, employees need support more than ever. MindFi equips companies with evidence-based corporate wellbeing support that delivers proven results for workplace wellbeing.

We spend lifetimes at work

The average person spends a third of their life working. 
That’s 90,000 hours of productivity over a lifetime.
Use MindFi to unlock your fullest potential.

Make your productive hours count.

Train your brain at your Mind Fitness Gym

Though the mind is the most powerful asset of the modern world, it often goes untrained. As a result, symptoms like burnout, fatigue, anxiety, and exhaustion are commonplace.

With MindFi, users can receive the right tools, support, and training to strengthen their minds and achieve their full potential. 

Our three-tiered approach to care

Self-Care Tools

Enjoy self-guided programs just for you, based on your current condition and mood.

Group Classes
& Activities

Join community sessions led by our therapists and build a culture of wellbeing.

1:1 Coaching
& Counseling

Find a “personal trainer” among our licensed behavioral coaches, therapists, and even nutritionists. 

Backed by research, proven in the workplace.

Care for your best self

We believe everyone deserves a healthier mind. Our app can help professionals at any stage of their personal development, whether they're in crisis or simply want to maintain their productivity.

Care rooted in community

Mental health at the workplace can (and should!) go beyond the random self-help book giveaway or one-off yoga session. With MindFi, companies can explore group therapy sessions, life-changing seminars, and so much more.

Care from certified experts

Having trouble finding qualified professionals to care for employees? Make your selection from our curated network of local experts. Our multilingual coaches and therapists hail from over 14 countries across Asia.

Care that leads to progress

Are your employees sleep-deprived? Which departments are suffering from the most pressure? Find answers in our anonymized HR reports and use the data to make smarter decisions.

The app is a handy tool that we can take anywhere. Its purpose is clear: bringing awareness to our emotional wellbeing wherever we are calling from.

Prof. John Wong Chee Meng
National University of Singapore

MindFi's impact in workplaces


of employees reported an improvement in wellbeing within 2 to 4 weeks with MindFi

Based on World Health Organization framework. Results are anonymized for privacy and peace of mind.


improvement in depression after implementing MindFi in the workplace

Demonstrated in a research study by a leading Singaporean hospital

Make MindFi part of your employee wellbeing program

Start with the MindFi App

The MindFi app provides users with a rich collection of personal self-care tools, from a focus timer to stress-busting breathing exercises to much more. Premium users also gain access to regular expert classes and supplementary wellbeing content.

Company Add-Ons

Different companies have different needs when it comes to workplace wellbeing. But whether it’s an intensive masterclass on resilience for leaders, or a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program for workers across multiple countries, we can design a package that works for you.



Go beyond the short webinar or seminar!  Our transformative masterclasses equip your workforce with the concepts, skills, and tools they need to do their best work. Hosted by licensed psychologists and trained behavioral coaches.


Positive social motivation can encourage better performance, persistence, and proactivity. Engage your team and build their rapport with our exciting company-wide challenges, powered by the MindFi app.

Ready to build your wellbeing program with MindFi?