Energy Masterclass

A fast-paced business world demands us to manage our energy, not time. Learn to focus, rest and recharge better by managing 5 dimensions of our energy – physical, mental, emotional, social and purpose. This program is developed by UCSD’s Prof. Steve Hickman and a group of corporate performance coaches.

Learning Outcomes

Enhance Sleep and Energy Levels

Improve Interpersonal Relationships
Increase Focus, Motivation and Drive

Happy Clients


Module 1: BODY

Learn to master the daily energy cycle by understanding your circadian rhythms to work, live and sleep better.

Module 2: MIND

Increase your focus and concentration by learning new techniques based on mindfulness and digital detoxification.

Module 3: HEART

Emotional intelligence training can improve quality of leadership decisions, team dynamics and personal goals. 

Module 4: PURPOSE

Align personal passions with professional goals to achieve maximum impact with journaling and self-compassion. 

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