Creativity Masterclass

Great minds don’t think alike. To unlock maximum performance, teams must harness cognitive diversity and creativity. Research has shown that mindfulness trains divergent thinking, improves attention and nurtures courage in the face of skepticism. Led by ex-VP of Visa Performance Solutions, APAC.

Learning Outcomes

Improve Collaborative Problem Solving

Develop Creative and Divergent Thinking
Enhance Innovation and Performance

Happy Clients


Module 1: IDEATE

Learn to ideate from 4 different angles of a problem with techniques based on the FourSight ® Innovation Mindset.

Module 2: TEAM

Build up creative energies by developing awareness of self and appreciation of team. Apply 4 stages of creative problem solving.

Module 3: CONNECT

Brainstorm unexpected connections between people, spaces and ideas by embracing the bizarre, group doodling and mindful walking.

Module 4: PLAY

Adopt a playful, hands-on method to visualize and articulate business challenges with the LEGO® Serious Play® method.

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